Dachshund Rescue of San Diego Dachshund Rescue of San Diego


2000 Hallo-Wiener Picnic

Fritz rolls in as usual. Fritz rolls in as usual. Fritz is becoming a common site at the club picnics in his wagon.
Lynn and her butterfly
Norm and Grace with Olivia Norm and Grace with Olivia. Olivia was one of several doxies rescued from an unpleasant puppy mill situation. She is starting to come out of her shell and show her true personality.
Brandon, Lauren & Kris accompanied by a friend from Norway. Brandon and Kris have fostered numerous rescue dogs, Olivia being the most recent. Allowing them to attend their event are Wally and Sophie. Brandon, Lauren & Kris
Chunky on Mom's lap
Dave conducts a brisk Rescue Buddy adoption session. Dave is responsible for the Rescue Buddy. Each one is hand made and painted. They come in traditional Brown, Red and Black & Tan. No doubt the Rescue Buddys will become the trademark of the rescue. Dave and Julie also foster dogs for the rescue and have adopted Angel and Rocket from the rescue.

Look for Rescue Buddys available for adoption at various events.
Rescue Buddy
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